About Synod

About Synod

The Synod of the Evangelical Churches of the Augsburg Confession (SECAC or Synod ECAC) is a fellowship, a voluntary association of Lutheran congregations, churches, believers and ministers. The Synod was founded by Vladimir Pudov after his resignation from the position of the President of the General Synod of the ELC AC.

The Synod was created so that ministers, even those located in different places on the planet and in different church structures, could work together and effectively on a projects, spread the light of the Gospel and improve their pastoral qualifications. Also, the Synod provides support to the newly elected ministers in their activities, as well as to the laity in a deeper study of the Lutheran doctrine.

One of the tasks of the Synod is the protection of the Lutheran doctrine from distortions and heresies, an independent assessment and expert opinions on issues related to the doctrine of the Lutheran Church at the request of ministers, laity or communities.

The synod was organized, among other things, by a group of clergy from different churches, and at present the communities and ministers that are part of the commonwealth are located on the territory of five countries – Russia, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and Cambodia. We hope that in the future the number of countries and communities will increase.

Learn more about the Regulations of the Synod, as well as our structure and doctrine. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details listed on the Contacts page.