Based on the Bologna system of education, there are 4 scientific steps:

  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate Degree

If a seminarian wants to receive a degree, and not just a certificate of graduation from the seminary, then he must write a free-form cover letter about continuing his studies. Based on the results of checking the letter, a commission, consisting of the Rector of the Seminary and the Chairman of the Synod, assigns the Associate Degree to the applicant. The main requirement is competent speech, a desire to learn and develop.

To obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, studet will need to write an essay about his ministry and vision for the development of the Synod and the Lutheran Church in the applicant’s country of residence.

To earn a Master’s Degree, seminarian will need to demonstrate practical ministry skills, have a stable Lutheran congregation, and provide references from a senior spiritual mentor or leader, congregation, and relatives. Together with it, Master’s thesises still will be applied on the specific topic.

To obtain a Doctorate Degree (ThD), it will be necessary to write a scientific work on the chosen topic and defend it before the members of the Synod.

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