Since November 2022, the Synod has opened a Lutheran seminary, where education is currently completely free for member’s of the Synod. The seminary offers courses for the laity and for the ministers of the church.

Anyone can take the basic Certification course and get a Catechist’s certificate. For church ministers, pastoral and advanced courses are provided, at the end of which certificates are also issued indicating the subjects and grades for them.

After certification, it is possible to obtain a Degree.

All courses will be translated into English in the near future.

Find out more about the admission process.

For parishioners and ministers of churches that are part of the Synod, education is completely free. For parishioners and catechists of any churches and communities that currently are not members of the Synod, training in the basic certification course is also free. Pastoral training (certification) and degrees for seminarians whose congregations are not members of the Synod are provided for a donation:

  • Pastoral certification with a specialist degree: 50 USD
  • Bachelor’s degree in theology: 40 USD
  • Master’s degree: 40 USD
  • Doctor’s degree: 70 USD

These prices are a donation for the needs of the Synod and the Seminary, and are approximate.

We wish you success in your studies!