About Synod


The Synod is a voluntary association of churches, the management of which belongs to all members of this association, headed by the Chairman.

Currently, the Synod includes churches from countries such as Russia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Japan and Indonesia.

The Acting Chairman: bishop Artyom Smirnov (Indonesia, IELC).

Synod members:

  • bishop Anatolii Malahov with his communities (Russia)
  • pastor Dmitriy Martyshenko (Moscow, ELC AC)
  • archbishop Evgenij Majdanyuk, ThD, with his communities (Sri Lanka, IELC)
  • bishop-electus Sergej Vol’f, ThD (Russia, ELC of Prussia)
  • deacon Dmitrij Andriyanov (Cambodia, ELC AC)
  • pastor-electus Jacob Palma (Philippines, ELC AC)
  • deacon-electus John Paul Rosenas (Philippines, ELC AC)
  • bishop John Lowson with his communities (Japan, IELC)
  • pastor Vins Balabis with his communities (Philippines, IELC)
  • bishop Artem Smirnov with his communities (Indonesia, IELC)