About Synod


According to the Regulations, Lutheran churches, communities, clergy and parishioners can join the Synod anytime.

There are a number of qualification requirements for all clergy of the Synod. For Custers and Catechists – to have completed secondary education and completed basic seminary course; for deacons, a completed seminary or bachelor’s degree in theology; for pastors – a higher secular education and a completed seminary, or a bachelor’s degree in theology. For certain church positions (provost, episcopal visitator, superintendent), there are requirements for at least 3 years of experience as a pastor. Bishops, in addition to education and at least master’s degree in theology, must have at least 5 years of service experience, a good reputation, sober personal views on the world (politics, worldview, social life), and most importantly, a level of responsibility. A person for the office of Bishop must be recommended by at least two other Bishops.

Age limit: catechists, küsters – from 18 years old; deacons – from the age of 22; pastors – from the age of 25; provosts, superintendents, episcopal visitators – from the age of 30; bishops, superintendent generals – from the age of 35.

If the clergy do not meet these requirements, the Synod is always happy to provide them with an opportunity to receive education at the Seminary.

If the congregation does not have a suitable pastor, but wants to join the Synod, then the congregation has the right to choose an electus, who will be prepared to serve in the Seminary of the Synod.

To join the Synod, candidates must write a request addressed to the Chairman of the Synod at the addresses indicated on the Contacts page.