Message from the Chairman for the beginning of Advent 2023

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Advent, which means “coming” in Latin, has a special meaning for Christians. Firstly, this is the beginning of a new liturgical year, when we symbolically await the coming of Jesus Christ, that is, His birth – Christmas. We seem to become those Old Testament believers who know that Christ will soon come and are preparing for this.

Secondly, as we prayerfully prepare ourselves for the Christmas holiday, we also reflect on the Second Coming of Christ. “Therefore you also be ready, for at an hour when you do not think, the Son of Man is coming” (Matthew 24:44).

Thirdly, the expectation of a Miracle, with a capital M, since this Event is important for all humanity, joyful for believers. Wherever we are, from childhood and throughout our lives, the approach of Christmas is one of the happiest periods of time for every Christian!

Being in prayerful communication with all of you, dear brothers and sisters, I sincerely congratulate you all on the beginning of Advent! And have a Merry Christmas soon!

With love and prayers,
+ Chairman of the Synod of ECAC
Titular bishop of the IELC
fr. Alexius (Suvoroff)

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