The Chairman is back

The Second Chairman of our Synod returned to his position as per request of the members of the Synod. In his absence, there was a lack of attention to the Synod and almost no activity. In order for the Synod to continue its work at the same pace, it was decided to turn to the Chairman and ask for his return, with which he agreed. In addition, the Chairman was elected by the bishops of the Synod as an archbishop-electus. The consecration will take place shortly.

Artem Smirnov, after temporary leadership of the Synod, resigned from the position of Vice-Chairman of the Synod and a bishop of MELC, remaining to serve as a pastor.

Bishop-Electus Sergei Volf was appointed as the new Vice-Chairman.

With the return of brother Alexius, some of its old members returned to the Synod as well.

We wish all members of the Synod fruitful work in the God’s Glory!

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