Message from the Chairman on the Day of Pentecost

Dear and beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

We recently celebrated a very important day for the Church – the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit, or the day of Pentecost, as it is celebrated on the 50th day from the Resurrection of Christ (Easter). This day is also called the Day of the Holy Trinity, because on this day God descended to Earth in his third incarnation, and thus revealed the Holy Trinity to the whole world. Why is this so important to us?

As we can learn from the Gospel, “The disciples saw what looked like tongues of fire, which parted and stopped one at each of them.” (Acts 2:3). Thus the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, and they received the gift of spreading the Gospel, the gift of communicating with all peoples in any languages, wherever they will go.

This marked the beginning of the Church of Christ, and all of us a part of this Church now. “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” The beginning of the life of the Church and the possibility of spreading the Gospel without any restrictions is one of the most important events for us.

Remembering these events, and remaining being good Christians, let us carry this good news, spread the Gospel, pray for everyone for the Grace of the Holy Spirit and for the growth and spread of the Church of Christ everywhere!

With love and prayers
Chairman of the Synod
fr. Alexius (Suvoroff)

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